• positive review  Very reliable tuner who made sure my requests were fulfilled instead of just going ahead with whatever they deem is best for my ride/setup. Friendly and shares their knowledge and experience, but most importantly they don't push anything. I would definitely highly recommend anyone who intends to do ecutek or cobb tuning (amongst others) to visit them. Thumbs up to Andrew & team for a good service!

    thumb Shawn Chen Jianxiong

    positive review  Done my tune for Freed Hybrid GB7 with the Kakimoto exos. Andrew and his team did a awesome job, it has bring out the fullest potential of my ride with my current configuration. Let the numbers do the story telling. Thanks again guys. Excellent customer svc by Jason too. I asked a lot of questions, thanks for being patient. ??

    thumb Terence Tan GC

    positive review  Looked around in search for a reliable workshop and responsive person to answer my queries and doubts on tuning and modifications on my Car. Happened to found Godfrey and his service and responsiveness was splendid. He provides truthful advice and is confident in his work. Got my air intake done up with godfrey and at the same time, he and Andrew helped tune my car. Took them a day but it’s all worth while as I’ve felt the huge difference in power and responsiveness instantly when I test drive after the tune. It felt totally different and the fuel consumption improved as well. Although there are a lot of Super cars in the queue to get tuned, my Honda was still treated nicely ? Really highly recommended and not a single bit of regret for the tune.

    thumb Roy Ong

    positive review  Went for a Stage 2 Custom tune with Andrew. Car runs so smooth and very very drivable now. Andrew goes the extra mile to explain and understand your requirements and executes it. Very friendly and knowledgeable as well. Highly recommended for those who are interested in legit customised tuning.

    thumb Nicholas Tan WeiJin

    positive review  i was apprehensive and unsure to where should i take my car for a tuning. i searched for weeks and intuition brought me here. i texted Andrew for days before making my way down for an ecu id reading. this is when i met in person Godfrey and Andrew. a day or two later, Andrew texted me and asked for my availibility on the coming Monday (3rd Dec). scheduled for a 1pm Tuning/Dyno, i came half an hour early and was greeted by Godfrey. he quickly got down to work, explained to me on the processes, in as many layman terms that he can, patiencely. along the way, he shared good tips and explained to me the graph readings and gave reccomendations of parts to buy for an upgrade and most importanly why (those upgrades part). through the graph obtained during dyno, he explained the advantages of such parts to the petformances. this is what that warmed the heart on a rainy day. Godfrey did my dyno/tuning with constant communications with Andrew who was away attending a corporate matters. i felt that this is good teamwork to ensure customer satisfaction and added assurances (if any). Godfrey was always engaging with me throughout, sharing and explaining to me. with such dedication and teamwork, its the place to be. upon completion, Godfrey took a test ride with me, and asked for driving feedbacks. i felt the best response is when its at 1.8rpm onwards where the needles no longer shy, and jerkless, smooth and glaring differences to after tuning. the acceleration was smooth with almost no jerking. the car feel responsive at the slightest of throttle touches, making driving in the small roads and esp expressway effortless. after 3 weeks of driving about, i hv no complaints, but smiles on my face!

    thumb Ras Hal

    positive review  Very experienced, knowledge and responsible tunner. That’s why I go back to him again for my second tune after 10 years later. Nv regret!!!!

    thumb Ng Teck Guan

    positive review  i just did my tuning with bms and the end result was satisfying.

    thumb Afad Sheeka

    positive review  I just got to know Andrew and already he has won my trust through his professionalism. Had my car checked out and scheduled the tuning session but due to circumstances at home, had to delay it. Sought his understanding as I felt so bad about it and Andrew’s reply was just so professional. Glad to have met him and will definitely entrust my car to him.

    thumb Philaro Exception

    positive review  Thanks Andrew and Godfrey for bringing my civic fd back to life 1 1/2 week ago. Done ecuteck tuning and no more dragging and now can feel the vtec kicking in. ? up for BMS tuning

    thumb Hong Kiat Lim

    positive review  Did my ecu tuning 5mth ago with andrew came back for transmission tune last week. No regrets one of the best mod i had done to my car. Andrew and Godfrey are very patient ans all of my questions. The before & after ecu and transmission tune is good, Not only the driving experience u could feel the difference it also has dyno number to shown the before and after. Will highly recommend friend & back for re tune or even my next car to tune with BMS tuning ?

    thumb Simon Wong

    positive review  Andrew is indeed a reputable tuner in automotive industry. The main concern of car enthusiast is whether his/her beloved car is susceptible to blown engine during tuning and if the tuner knows what he is doing, having heard of such cases. Not only did he address my concern & gave me assurance prior to the tuning session, he demonstrated excellent knowledge of cars and gave good advice to me. In addition, his after-sales service is superb where he followed up closely with his customer after the tune to make sure the car is operating well. The end result was fabulous with good power delivery from the car upon demand and better fuel consumption. He’s definitely the person you should go to when it comes to tuning of cars. Highly recommended!!! ???

    thumb Laurent Teo

    positive review  Thanks Godfrey & Andrew for Making my Legacy Bm9 to have a wonderful Torque! ???? ?? I’m enjoying it

    thumb Fabian Ldf

    positive review  Came by to get my honda fit ge6 tuned with amazing outcome.. Dyno results dont llie. Every detail was explained before and after. ? Recomended. ‼️‼️

    thumb Mohamad Fauzi FiveSeven

    positive review  Had alot of questions as it was my first time tuning my car. Issues such as warranty, reliability and tolerance limit of my car. Godfrey was patient with his explanations so that layman like me could understand. From his explanation, you can feel his passion and knowledge about cars which made me decide to tune my car with BMS. Read many positive reviews about Andrew on the forums and I can tell you that they are all spot on. To understand more about myself, he asked me about the petrol i usually pump and driving habits to understand more about myself and what i want/need. There were many cars waiting but he took his time to tuned and dyno the car numerous times to increase torque and hp safely and efficiently. No rushing of job so that every car will be perfect. Test drove my car before and after tuning has the difference of heaven and earth! Even with my request to be conservative with the tuning as i was afraid to strain my engine and gearbox. Well done to Andrew and Godfrey, i will definitely recommend you guys to my frens and return for sure!

    thumb Raymond Chan

    positive review  Just got my Scirocco Tuned by GODFREY from BMS Tuning. He is good at obtaining my requirements and using the information to improve my car’s performance. Focusing on what was needed and require. Able to meet my needs effectively. Thank you for the Excellent and Genuine service...?

    thumb J'Raj Ganasekaran

    5 star review  I don't give reviews on FB. even for this time, I thoroughly pushed my car for a couple of days before I penned this review. approached Andrew after some recommendations. first impression was very positive. him being helpful and can sense his sincerity to fix up my tune. no airs at all! unlike many other top tuners. after I fitted the hardware as advised by him, he tuned my car a couple of days ago. throughout the tuning process, Andrew would stop and ask questions, finding out more about my car before pushing it, tweaking the map bit by bit. it's definitely not those 'drop car, pay and pick up tmr' types of tuning garages. when the final run results came out, all I can say is that his Mustang dynamometer will not make people happy when compared to my car's previous Dynapack readings. i took my time to try my car after his Ecutek tuning. all the previous ailments were gone! these 2 days of driving have been exhilarating... conservative Mustang figures, but the power increase is significant. most important of all, the car idles way smoother. even the exhaust note became smoother. hovering close to stoichiometric AFR now during idling and cruising. who cares about sad figures when I'm grinning myself silly when the boost hits anyway. lol it is rare and difficult to find the right person regardless of mechanics or tuners. online reviews were mostly biased. I have been to some top tuners before, some of them with their own dynamometer, one of them a freelancer. none of them came close to Andrew when it comes to service, responsiveness and results. I should have met Andrew way earlier. that would have saved me alot of money and anguish. Many thanks to BMS Tuning. A good job done. I am truly enjoying my car now. it has never been this much fun since the day I bought it. no more constant worrying about blowing it up anymore.

    thumb Ken Tan
  • positive review  Andrew is a man who listens to your driving needs & characteristics and draft out all suitable options to let u choose from The car performs amazingly well ,not forsaking day 2 day drive comfort Thumbs up for bms 5 stars

    thumb Leonard Leo

    positive review  Well done Andrew! will come back for transmission tuning again. 5 stars for him!!

    thumb Tham Kok Hing

    5 star review  Andrew is by far the most devoted tuner I ever come across. He’s professional and get the job done. He has provided me with insight and save me tons of money to attain what I want. Thumbs up for him and his team. �

    thumb Khor Steven

    5 star review  A big thank you to the BMS team and Godfrey in particular for patiently answering my many questions. Through the whole process, Godfrey did not attempt to hardsell me anything but spent effort trying to understand my needs. Am immensely pleased with the spider chip and the power gains. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to get some oomph out of their hyundai i30.

    thumb Marcus Loh

    5 star review  Mr. Andrew is no ordinary mechanic or tuner. I would describe Andrew as an artist, a maestro and a soul harvesting Godzilla conjurerer. Through his passion and skills in tuning and racing , he has awoken a demon in the heart of my Godzilla. The blistering torque now makes it virtually impossible to have a cup of Kopi in the stow holder. Adrenaline kicks in as soon you step on the throttle and hear those twin turbskies whistle. Most importantly, I am advised not to fetch my future in-laws with my Godzilla anymore. (Thank you Andrew) #notforthefainthearted I would highly recommend Andrew and his team at BMS if you wish to: 1) Increase performance of your vehicle 2) Rekindle driving experience 3) Trouble with in-laws and wish to never chaffeaur them around. Well done sir! 5/5

    thumb Randel Jericho

    5 star review  Love the pop pop pop and bangs ... l

    thumb Ian Tan

    5 star review  I have tried 2 types of tuning before and none gives the performance and stability like BMS Tuning does. Definitely puts all other tuners even big established names to shame! Well done Andrew!!! ��

    thumb Reed Elixiash Christianssen

    5 star review  Best decision ever made to tune my car with Andrew. I had a history of bad luck in tuning with my previous car, what can go wrong with the ecu just went wrong twice! With different tuners. Andrew assured me with his method and confidence it will be positive. The result brought a smile whenever I drive my car now with the gains that Andrew has brought out. Now the car accelerates effortlessly and drives the way it should.

    thumb Adrian Seow

    5 star review  Don’t worry.. you ask, they advise. Thanks Andrew for the tuning!! Fantastic service!! Keep It up!! �

    thumb Sam Ang

    5 star review  I have done tuning at different places with different tuner. Andrew is different. With more then a decade experience on hand and the willingness to share you can rest assure your car is in good hand. Not compromising any durability yet pushing every single horsepower out. What else can you ask from this man!?! � Ps* great power comes with great responsibility. Drive with care guys. �

    thumb Sim Min Yew Zak

    5 star review  Professional advice and delivery. Very satisfied with services!

    thumb Jon Goh

    5 star review  Reliable, trustworthy and skillful tuner who will definitely be able to bring out the full potential of whatever car you are driving! Thanks Andrew!

    thumb Ben Macan

    5 star review  Andrew Very knowledgeable and he helps to protect my agent warranty. Will look for him again for my upgrading.

    thumb Tan Jian Quan

    5 star review  After driving my hybrid car for about 6 months, I found the throttle response at low speeds uncomfortably slow. It was as if the car took a second to consider whether I was indeed depressing the pedal. However, at cruising speeds it did well to accelerate for overtaking. Having received recommendations for Andrew from 2 of my friends, and the fact that he was going to tune my car with a dyno, which meant it was a safe environment and had the added benefit of visualizing the differences before and after tuning, I decided to contact Andrew for a session. A gentle reminder to check with Andrew whether he has the configurations for your vehicle before the session. Andrew was very patient with my questions despite his busy schedule. His tuning lived up to my expectations. There was an obvious technical improvement overall, which is impressive for an NA vehicle without any modifications. While the changes in torque and power are not noticeable to my untrained being, his tweaks to the throttle response of the vehicle was the big win for me. He made my car feel like how it should have been. At lower speeds, the power delivery was much smoother, almost eliminating the stuttering that was there before. At mid and higher speeds, the throttle was sensibly more responsive to provide the acceleration needed for overtaking. I was also pleasantly surprised how he used the econ mode on my vehicle to provide different configurations that I could choose from. It was definitely worth the time and money and I will definite return to Andrew in the future.

    thumb Eng Wan Song

    5 star review  Brought my f10 to Andrew as car felt dead and sluggish , After working his magic Andrew brought my car back to life with and huge improvement to the Torque of the car and a boost of horsepower ! You have totally revived my car and now driving is a pleasure and a joy once again! Thank you Andrew ��

    thumb Alvin Xiangwei

    5 star review  Previously, encountered my car still lagging despite car tuned by previous tuner. Today, went to have my car( Forester SGJ)tuned by Andrew using ECUTEK after booked appointment with him. He tuned my car to become a beast and solved my problem without difficulties. Kudos to Andrew!

    thumb Derrick Takeshi
  • 5 star review  Excellent tuning by Andrew! He is very knowledgeable in cars and was able to identify immediately what went wrong to my car tuned by xx workshop. After the tune I can immediately feel the power that I always wanted! Will return for another tune once I have forge my engine internals! Cheers � Thanks boss!

    thumb Adam Tan

    5 star review  I have worked with many international tuners some who are the best in the world .but for the efficiency that Andrew works is in a different league. Always quick to respond which I believe in remote tuning is crucial.its a pleasure and a privilege to work with him. Hope to work with him in the future.

    thumb Ahamed Haroon

    5 star review  I bought jetta because of its performance. Got tuned in one of the shops but experience limp mod. Eventually get to know andrew who is patient and very determine to provide good service me by helping me to buy a new turbo and reticfy and troubleshoot my car for me. He is responsive even text night. The car now is great and good driving experience. Not worried of anyone jio me for challenge. Haha.

    thumb Waihoong Chan

    5 star review  I was having problem in the low to mid rpm range. Car throttle response was sluggish and gear change was also jerky. Booked an appointment with Andrew and he rectified the problems. Gained torque in the low to mid rpm and vtec crossover was so much smoother. Andrew knows his stuff and I felt my money was well spent. Thank you Bro.

    thumb Syuk Malam

    5 star review  Thumbs Up for Andrew! Passionate & Responsible Tuner�

    thumb Rayson Wu

    5 star review  Just send my R35 tuned by Andrew, he is very helpful and very professional. He will listen to u and he will go accordingly what u want , I'm so happy with the result of my R35. !!! Highly recommended !!! "The Best Tuner Of Asia Andrew"

    thumb Eddie Lua

    5 star review  Powerful tunning and very nice guy please support this brother

    thumb Ahbena Kuanteen

    5 star review  Best tuner in singapore. Doing his work with passion. Other than giving yr car the new found power, he try to solve all your problems. He will always follow up without fail the issue. Yr car is in good hands with him as he will handle it well and to your standard you want. Will definitely be back again.

    thumb Mike Yew

    5 star review  Very thorough followup and trouble shooting after the initial tune. Very detailed and passionate tuner , completely different attitude compared to my previous tuner. Job well done Andrew

    thumb Jerrimie Chua

    5 star review  Excellent service!

    thumb Ryan Low

    5 star review  By far the best place ever to tune your car no hidden cost everything was explain clearly before proceeding no hidden charges put my GTR in the morning collect at night. Perviously has some issues with the previous tune but andrew helped me perfect it back now my ride is super solid with power and stability with every push. Thankful to him for advising and explaining every steps and details throughout the way �

    thumb Edward Quah

    5 star review  Just got my R35 tuned by Andrew,Awesome job done by him to get the best performance for my car. Really can feel the difference,Highly recommended!

    thumb Leona Tan

    5 star review  Friday 9th June 2017... Finally the day has come for my ride. It was 1pm in the afternoon. Meet up with andrew...Up my ride on the dyno...and then, he does his magic. Hahaha..after nearly 2hrs of magical touch with ECUTEK, I was really very amazed with the tuning results. The torque value increased(no joke)... The G force and bhp squeezing from my humble car set up gives me the thrill now...Not that really big figures thou but the smoothness in changing gears, the power...and basically everything abt it suits to my liking...Ouh yes, *not forgetting the extra special features* such as : Launch controls, flatfooting and few more. Now driving around in my ride gives me the adrenaline rush and my heart beats rapidly. The time and effort Andrew put in, with countless maps & Dyno runs to perfect the tuning according to the car setup is REMARKABLE. Was really satisfied with the good results @ a good price. Its worth it. Thank you BMS TUNING Andrew... So tuner recommended. For more enqueries, don't hesitate to call him. TwoThumbsUp��

    thumb Zulkifli Abdul Aziz

    5 star review  Just got my car tuned by Andrew with ecutek. Awesome job done by Andrew to get the best performance for my car. Highly recommended!

    thumb Christopher Lam

    5 star review  I got my GTR from the local Singapore authorised agent. About into the 3rd month into ownership, the modification bugs hit me. One of best mod I did on my GTR is the installation of Cobb V3. Till this day after 5 years since last installed this Cobb V3, I am still getting good mileage on my GTR. A tankful of 98 Octane fuel gives me a mileage of more than 400km in both City & Highway driving of 60:40 respectively. Good job by BMS �

    thumb Eric Lim Chee Seng

    5 star review  Best Tuner in SG!!! Thank you for your time and effort in tuning my ride Andrew ��

    thumb Alan Yeo
  • 5 star review  One of the best tuners in Sg try him out to believe

    thumb Gerrayne Lee

    5 star review  Find them to make ur car power & smooth!!!

    thumb Foo Jiahao

    5 star review  Fantastic Tune!!! Andrew's magical tune made me fall in love with my ride all over again.

    thumb Benjamin Tan Chen Zemin

    5 star review  Got my BL9 tuned up by Andrew last week, great experience with him and also a helpful guy. Keep it up Andrew....

    thumb Sam Tan

    5 star review  Got recommended by my friends and got exactly what i wanted, andrew also provided alot of useful knowledge!

    thumb Shawn Toh

    5 star review  Awesome job done with lots of passion by Andrew! Showing n guiding me through the whole progress that was being done to my R35. Car drives n feels extremely good for an almost stock setup!!! thank you bro!!!

    thumb Aloysius Wit

    5 star review  not only did Andrew rectified my issues but he also gave a new feel to my ride. dedicated and committed!

    thumb Alex Yeoh

    5 star review  Great work done in tuning my DC5. Ride is smoother and very responsive to throttle input. � Thanks Andrew.

    thumb Yaidi Mohamad

    5 star review  Andrew is the best tuner for me. He's the best ���

    thumb Richard MK

    5 star review  Good tuning job.. highly recommended to push up your car's performance

    thumb Kelvin Wong

    5 star review  Andrew is one hell of a cool guy, runs me through what he has done with the mapping and boy, I can tell you I drive with confidence especially when you know what sort of stuff you are getting into. Yunno what, the engine power push farts with spitfire and getting the kick with it, lol. Great work, Andrew! WTG! GTRoooaaAAAR! Peace Bro!

    thumb Greg Guy Isamu

    5 star review  My 3rd Subaru that I have gotten Andrew to re-tune. All 3 came previously tuned by other tuners but still preferred Andrew's work. Does not take repeat customer for granted and still spent time to work out the details and explained well. Solved my car's issue which I only realized how bad it was previously after the re-tune. Thumbs up!

    thumb Jonathan Tan

    5 star review  Jason! Thank you for the awesome job! You transfer my kimchi to the even spicier Kimchi! The car is so responsive now. Kept on wanting gogogogo! Wow! Didn't expect such improvement on an NA Engine!!!

    thumb Ian Clover Amos Asher

    5 star review  Had a few rides tuned by BMS Tuning and absolutely loved it ! Great reliability and performance !

    thumb Derek Tay

    5 star review  Just had my wrx tuned with andrew and it was a great experience. Highly recommended.

    thumb Victor Yeo

    5 star review  Andrew is a very professional tuner and he is very passionate in what he is doing. This is the second time that I have worked with him and I would say he was nothing short of amazing. Every step he will take time to explain to you and let you know the costs vs benefits. Andrew also provides very good after sales service in ensuring your ride is good and you are satisfied with the performance. All in, thumbs up for making me a highly satisfied customer.

    thumb Alvin Koh
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